Organic cocoa powder

Organic cocoa powder is made from the cocoa press cake. The cocoa press cake is produced during the production of the cocoa butter and remains as a residue after pressing. This mass, known as press cake, is crushed in machines and ground into cocoa powder by means of a grinding process.

Organic cocoa mass

Organic cocoa mass is obtained from the beans of the cocoa fruit. After cleaning, the beans are crushed and the kernel and shell are separated. The “nibs” that are now produced are sterilised with steam. They are then gently roasted in a drum roaster. Finally, the cocoa beans are ground in mills into a thick paste, the cocoa mass.

Organic cocoa butter

Organic cocoa butter is an aromatic, light yellow fat obtained from cocoa beans.
Its smell is weak, but pleasantly cocoa-like. The flavour is mild, with a strong cocoa taste.
To produce cocoa butter, cocoa beans are roasted, broken and separated from their shells. The roasted cocoa beans are then crushed into cocoa paste. From this resulting paste, the fat is separated from the remaining components in a fat press. Cocoa butter has a high melting point and melts slowly on contact with the skin. In the food industry, cocoa butter is mainly used to make chocolate.

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