Hard coal​

Coal is one of the oldest and the most common fuels prized for its energy value. It is one of the most important energy sources and it has strategic meaning in a lot of industries. This raw material can be burned not only as hard coal, but also can be converted to the eco-friendly liquid and gaseous fuels.

We have been on the market for 7 years, so we have gained much experience as a coal supplier. We offer a wide range of high-quality solid fuels. We have regular supplies of low-sulfur carbon with low ash content. Many years of experience with our suppliers and partners have helped us guarantee quick and hassle-free service for wholesale and retail clients.
We offer a wide range of solid fuels with repeatable parameters.

Cube Particle size 80-200 [mm]
Nut coal Particle size 50-80 [mm]
Nut coal II Particle size 25-50 [mm]
Eco-pea Particle size 8-25 [mm]
Fine coal Particle size 1-20 [mm]

The assortments above are on our main offer. We can meet the needs of the most demanding clients. What makes us unique is our individual approach to each client and flexibility to adjust our offer to the market expectations.

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