More than 7 years of import & export experience.

We specialize in the worldwide trade of edible products from controlled organic cultivation. Through our projects and partnerships with suppliers worldwide, we are present everywhere and can thus ensure the quality and integrity of our products.

Only genuine organic goods reach our customers through our hands. Our high-quality certified products and our expertise as organic pioneers and trailblazers give you the edge to successfully place your organic products on the market.


An Experience

We were founded in 2016 with a vision to bring the unique tastes and vibes of our edible oils to your shelves, all with a focus on sourcing of the best organic products.


  • We concentrate exclusively on trading raw materials from ecological cultivation.
  • Our strength lies in our worldwide network
  • We seek and maintain long-term relationships with employees, customers, producers and suppliers from industry, inspection bodies and associations.
  • We examine the many aspects of trade very carefully. Beyond the financial level, we are looking for suppliers and, in particular, trade partners. Mutual understanding is an important prerequisite for this.
  • Our actions are based on quality, reliability, innovation and integrity.

Organic is a matter of trust

We make sure that all our products come from controlled organic cultivation. Thanks to our close contacts with the manufacturers and our local presence, we can offer you a comprehensive and safe range of organic products. If you do not find your desired product or product group in the list, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly because we procure and deliver a variety of products on individual requests.

We are Readily available to fill any order!

Best prices guaranteed

Organic sunflower oil

Organic sunflower oil is obtained from the seeds of the sunflower .The seeds are cleaned, dried and, depending on the type of oil, peeled.

Organic cocoa powder

Organic cocoa powder is made from the cocoa press cake. The cocoa press cake is produced during the production of the cocoa butter and remains as a residue after pressing.

Organic sesame Seed

Organic sesame is a widespread crop plant and, like poppy, a capsule fruit, and comes from the family of the sesame plants (Pedaliaceae).

Organic banana chips

To produce the organic banana chips, the green bananas are peeled, washed and then cut into even slices and deep fried in organic coconut oil.

Whole cane sugar

Organic whole cane sugar consists of dried, ground sugar cane juice and has a brown colour. The pressed juice is first filtered and then boiled down to syrup.

Organic coconut

Pure organic coconut blossom sugar is obtained from the juice of the coconut blossom. The flowers are cut and the juice is collected. The juice obtained is heated until a syrup .

Since we operate in a global world, in contact with different cultures and value systems, we have to and want to live and act respectfully according to social and ecological responsibility

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